Two of the single jet ski docks configured side by side for aft entry of the Jet skis.

Rotate them 90 degrees outboard for side entry for the jet skis with a aft landing length of 24 feet.

A 3' by 3' custom fender with matching "urban camo" top has been placed at the edge of the swim platform for gentle step down transion from the swim platform to the jet ski docks.


                       One of our deck-boarded docks being used for rent

" I have been using Versifloats for over a year now. I first started renting then I purchased a 6' x 12' multi-chamber with deck boards and recently purchased a 5' x 10' deck-boarded model as well. I have found these floats to be the very best in the way of portable floats. Nothing else that I have seen, read, or heard about even come close to the stability and durability these floats have. I especially love the fact that I can use a ladder and even small scaffolding on these. My business has increased due to the fact that I now have access to beats anywhere they may be, this in fact paid for the purchase cost product has made me a loyal customer for life."

                                        - Jonathan Broughton

                                      Sea-Shield Inc.

                                      Yacht Surfaces and Maintenance    Purchaser or 2 deck-boarded units

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Custom dock installation , including a white oak boarding ramp, all items manufactured at our facility

" Possibly the purchase of the season for us.

A fantastic product, great design, strong, durable, easy to work with. We have had several comments from passing jet-skiers, so a roaring success."

                                     - Captain Phil Stevens

                                      Motor Yacht Slipstream                         Purchaser of the Jet ski dock

" Thank You very much for my Versifloat! I have put it to multiple uses already, from washing and waxing the hulls of larger boats to using it as an additional platform on the transom while at anchor. I have found it to be very stable and it truly does amaze me how stiff the deck is considering it is an inflatable, its like standing on a board!"

                              - Craig Bell

                             Vizcaya Management and Concierge      Purchaser of a 5 x 10 EVA unit

X Factors Simon Cowell chartered a yacht Slipstream and made good use of our Versifloat Jet-ski dock.

   2000 Tigertail Boulevard, Building 8, Dania, Florida 33004

       (954) 923-1003.

       CAGE CODE: 6YES8

"Versifloat platforms are versatile, tough, utilitarian, easy to handle, and rugged. The product line is well made, well designed, and well manufactured. Now if it could only clean the side of the boat also, I would marry it!"

                                     - Richard Stalford


                                       S/Y "Marae"                                          Purchaser of our 5 x 10 EVA unit

" Versifloat delivers to our mobile detailing team quick, sturdy Hull-side access. Customer  Service is unbeatable!"

                                -Josh Cunningham


                                Freedom Yacht Management            Purchaser of a 5 x 10 deck-boarded raft

Customer Reviews

           Durable    -     Modular     -    Compact     -    Stable    -     Versatile


" We have all been incredibly impressed with the dock, as have all our guests. A great product, and one that every yacht should have."

                                    - Steve Osborne

                                    First Mate

                                     Motor Yacht Slipstream

" I am the owner/operator of East Coast Yacht Details Inc. I have been pleased to have rented several different Versifloat models. I find them very versatile with a very fast set up and take down. It's the most stable inflatable float Ive ever been on, even stable enough to set up ladders or small scaffolding. I would recommend the Versifloat to anyone interested in a mobile floating platform."

                                      - Robbie Wood

                                       East Coast Yacht Details Inc.               Regular renter of our utility rafts

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 Our inflatable products are made of the highest quality drop stitch fabric and include:

" I work on a 130 ft. yacht. Cleaning the hull is always a big task when we have to first deploy a tender. After cleaning the hull, the tender has been lifted back onto the boat, and then in turn will have to be cleaned. There is also always a possibility that the out board on the small tender may scratch the hull. We bought a Versifloat to anyone needing a frigid floating platform."

                                     -  Shade Aaronburg                               Purchaser of a 6 x 12 EVA Unit